What Defiant Brotherhood MC represents:

The Defiant Brotherhood is an independent MC that enjoys the freedom of two wheels, friendship, and doing what we love – riding. Defiant Brotherhood MC believes in total equality, therefore all Sisters and Brothers wear colors. Family comes first, then work, and then club. We respect all other clubs- however, that does not mean we condone what other clubs stand for, or what they do. We support all law enforcement and charities of the club's choosing.


How Defiant Brotherhood MC began:

In 2014 Assman, Boomer, and Wrecker found themselves belonging to a club that preached family, riding, and law enforcement support. The three rode together every weekend and could rely on each other without question. Assman came up with a great idea of a personal patch to wear for the three that lived on the East side of the valley. The patch had 3 skulls symbolizing the proverb of hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. The East Side Trio, as they now had become known, bonded even stronger. Ol’ Skol and Okie then joined them for rides every weekend. An opportunity arose for the club to show support for a fallen Phoenix police officer (Officer Hobbs), and the information was posted on the club bulletin board. The club president decided that this was not a sanctioned ride, even though the decision was contrary to the club bylaws of supporting law enforcement events. The club president then said, "you ride without colors or you turn your colors in." Without hesitation, they turned in their colors and went on the charity ride. After the event, those that turned their colors in got together and decided to form a club that actually lives by the creed. That was how the Defiant Brotherhood was formed.

What our Colors Mean:

We wear a “3-piece patch” because we respect the tradition of original motorcycle clubs. The center patch consists of the three wise monkeys, Mizaru, Kikazaru, and Iwazaru, which embody the principle of hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil. This ancient proverb associates one with being of good mind, speech, and action. This is the foundation of Defiant Brotherhood MC, and it is represented in our colors. The three skulls with their eyes, ears, and mouth covered represent the proverb, the top rocker is the name of the club, and the bottom rocker refers to the state the chapter is from. The lettering in blue represents the thin blue line (law enforcement) that we honor, respect, and support.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.
— Ancient Proverb