Defiant Brotherhood MC is an independent, 99% club that supports law enforcement as well as charities of the club's choosing. DBMC was founded in April of 2014 in Arizona. DBMC has chapters nationwide, including: Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Washington, Wisconsin, as well as nomads across multiple states- and internationally, including: the UK.

contact defiant brotherhood MC:

For more information about joining DBMC, please email us at dbmcnationalchapteraz@gmail.com.
For more information on starting a chapter in another state or country, please contact Boomer, president of the National Chapter.
To contact a specific national officer, see below for information.

President: Boomer
Email: rdk14@cox.net

Vice President: Pops
Email: dbmcnationalchapteraz@gmail.com
Attn: Vice President

Secretary: Sassy Chel
Email: dbmcnationalchapteraz@gmail.com
Attn: Secretary

Master Sgt. at Arms: Assman
Email: rfmlbt1969@yahoo.com

Sgt. at Arms: Diablo
Email: dbmcnationalchapteraz@gmail.com
Attn: Sgt at Arms

Road Captain: Joker
Email: dbmcnationalchapteraz@gmail.com
Attn: Road Captain

Web Admin: Siren
Email: dbmcnationalchapteraz@gmail.com
Attn: Web Admin

Treasurer: Low Roller
Email: dbmcnationalchapteraz@gmail.com
Attn: Treasurer